What is a "GROUP BREAK"????
A group break is where each person agrees to split the cost of a certain number of boxes of sports cards. No matter if you are Picking Your Team (PYT) or buying a "SPOT" in a mixer, we will open the boxes in the break and you will be shipped the cards that match up with your team

What is a "SPOT"?

Each "SPOT" that you are buying refers to a placeholder in the break that guarantees you 3 RANDOM TEAMS. After the break fills and we randomize the teams, you will be able to trade your teams that you were assigned.

What is a "PYT"?
PYT refers to Picking Your Team. When this break happens, we will post a list live on stream of each team from the sport in which we are breaking. To the right of each team will be the pricing. Once I announce in chat when to do so, you will choose your team and then refer back to our store to pay for your team(s).
*You will receive all HITS from the Team that you purchased (Autographs, Memorabilia, Inserts and Serial Numbered Cards). Base cards will not be shipped unless stated so in the stream or on the break page.

*BAMF Breakers breaks are always live! We LIVE STREAM on Twitch and if you FOLLOW US, you will be notified when we go live. If your cannot make it to the live break that you buy into then you can always watch the playback from the VOD List on Twitch.